A new type of currency for today's online casinos

In the ever evolving and competitive world of online casinos, the strength of banking options is critical for an online casino's success. And one of those new methods includes Bitcoin.

Why use Bitcoin?

A chief reason why Bitcoin is the rage these days, is that with the exception of a few countries, the Bitcoin currency is universally accepted throughout the world as a form of payment, thus making it quite easy for online casinos, who restrict certain countries, to continue to allow more players to sign up via Bitcoin, since players transfer their currency into this universal format. Conversely, Bitcoin simplifies the process by allowing players to take their winnings in their respective currency, and convert it into Bitcoin, to use elsewhere. Its important to note that players have the option of re-converting their Bitcoins into a currency at a later date. Speaking of withdrawals, Bitcoin casinos increase the speed of receiving, hard earned winnings. Most traditional online casinos offer wire transfers which can take an excruciatingly long time, sometimes weeks if not months. Bitcoin makes it possible to receive your hard earned winnings as fast as fifteen minutes.

Your secrets will not be revealed

A second reason Bitcoin Casinos are surging in popularity is the ability for players to play anonymously throughout their online gambling endeavors. For those casinos that accept Bitcoin as a currency, they just tend to require a user name and a password, and almost never request a member's real name nor their actual physical address. On the subject of signing up at online casinos, since there are so many, you're bound to have a few bad apples amongst the bunch. There have been horror stories about players making deposits and racking up sizable winnings, with many of them having to wait too long to receive them, or for that matter, never receiving them. Bitcoin takes care of that problem. For a casino to utilize Bitcoin as a banking service, they must be reputable to some degree.

Who's using Bitcoin

Other reasons to choose Bitcoin casinos include, very small fees, as well as the facilitation of sampling a casino's portfolio of games for free before wagering any real money. Some Bitcoin Casinos include BitCasino, a full pledged Bitcoin casino, CloudBet, Bit Starz, Vegas Casino, Bet Chain, and BitCoin Casino, another 100% pure Bitcoin casino that only accepts deposits and makes withdrawals through BitCoin.