Bitcoin Gold/BTG

As Bitcoin continues to explode in the online casino scene and as it remains as the world's premiere digital currency, so does the variations to it. One popular variation is none other than Bitcoin Gold.

About Bitcoin Gold

Off the top of the bat, the claim to fame for Bitcoin Gold is that it is a hard fork, which means that it decentralizes the complex Bitcoin block chain so that its members can go back to mining. The process of mining is for members to handle on their own computers under secure guidelines the ability to conduct and handle transactions for other members. This new algorithm is based on Equihash which levels the playing field among miners when it comes to their computers processing speed.

Another unique aspect to Bitcoin Gold is that it allows owners within a small group to actually create new Bitcoins to be traded and used. As an added security measure Bitcoin Gold also implements a replay system which further protects users wallets, personal information and their financial details.

Finding The Right Wallet

Because it is based off Bitcoin, users of Bitcoin Gold will need to find a wallet to suit their needs. One popular wallet is The Trezor wallet, where you can install it on your computer or your mobile device. It comes equipped to handle multiple accounts as well as several Bitcoin currencies. The Trezor wallet even lets you handle personal bank accounts.

Another popular wallet to use with Bitcoin Gold, is the Coinomi Wallet. It is important to note that the Coinomi Wallet only works with mobile devices. Other popular wallets include the Ledger, Bitpie and the all time favorite, Exodus wallet.

Other Aspects

In addition to handling peer to peer transactions, the Bitcoin Gold wallets even involves several pools for members to join if they wish to mine. Some of the popular mining pools include Minergate, Bee Pool, and IVT Pool. Other services available with Bitcoin Gold, courtesy of the wallet are the BTG explorer and Insight.

Not to be overlooked are the numerous Bitcoin exchanges, some of which entails Bittrex, HitBTC, YoBit, and a whole bevy more. Based off Bitcoin itself, it is quite easy to use many of the world's most popular currencies to convert funds. For any questions or concerns regarding Bitcoin Gold, there is a strong community where you can find answers.