What is better than fast, how about instant – Bitcoin instant

Part of the fun of playing at an online casino is winning prizes and cash. When its time to cash in on those well deserved winnings, you shouldn't have to wait to receive what's rightfully yours. You deserve to get your winnings right now, and that's where Bitcoin comes in.

About Bitcoin Instant Play

Bitcoin is a new e banking service that is gaining steam in the online casino world for its simplicity, as well as the ability for its members to remain anonymous. But the key reason why more and more online casinos are adding Bitcoin to its banking portfolio, is the unprecedented speed in which players can receive their winnings. Because Bitcoin does not incur the use of currencies, rather players trade in their preferred currency for Bitcoins, which means they can bypass banks and wires to deposit winnings in your account in roughly fifteen minutes. At that point, you can choose to keep your Bitcoins or convert them into a currency.

Further adding to the widespread appeal of Bitcoin is that for the most part, it is universally accepted around the world, meaning that it can further facilitate sending your funds with little to no delay. An added bonus of using Bitcoin to receive winnings is that it is not necessary to have a current physical address unlike the requirements of using other e banking services and credit cards. This leads to the delays of receiving winnings through traditional means, often taking several days to process, and then weeks, if not months to receive your rewards. Not only does Bitcoin give it to you within minutes, it doesn't involve excessive fees that normally accompany other traditional withdrawal options. And by the way, Bitcoin does not have withdrawal limits.

With all these reasons, its easy to see why more and more online casinos are incorporating Bitcoin as a banking option. Casinos like Bovada, and Slots.LV are but a few that are getting on board. In fact there are new casinos popping up that only use Bitcoin as a banking option. Casinos like Bit Coin, Bit Starz, and Cloudbet Casino, a Bitcoin casino dedicated to sports betting. These are a but a few casinos that not only are using Bitcoin for deposits, but they are coming up with their own gaming platforms along with rules and conduct for gambling responsibly with Bitcoin.