In the ever competitive world of digital currencies and crypto currencies, Bitcoin continues to remain supreme, but DodgeCoin is a more than capable upstart making its way through the ranks.

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About DodgeCoin

So what exactly is DodgeCoin? DodgeCoin is a digital crypto currency that is used as a peer to peer technology to handle transactions. And just like the other digital currencies, your identity will remain completely anonymous. A unique feature of DodgeCoin is that it allows you to even tip other members who write or share interesting content via the DodgeCoin Currency.

So how exactly do you use the DodgeCoin currency? Simple, you use it like any other digital currency, that is, through a crypto currency wallet. Some of the most popular wallets that support DodgeCoin are, the Multidodge wallet, a digital wallet customized just for DodgeCoin. It can be used on the Desktop and mobile platforms. There is a brief and simple installation process to install this wallet on your preferred desktop. Afterwards there is a brief synchronization process that connects your wallet to the DodgeCoin network. Once this process is complete, it is time to make deposits into your account. You can use American dollars to convert some funds to DodgeCoin so you can get up and running.

If you are using a mobile device, in particular an Android device, then head to the Google Play store, and download the app to your mobile phone. The installation is quite simple, just click to install and then open the app afterwards on your device, for it will automatically be synced to the DodgeCoin network. Again, you will have to deposit some American dollar funds to begin making transactions.

To get DodgeCoins, you can simply buy, trade and sell among your peers, or you can do what is commonly known as Mining. The process of mining is known when DodgeCoin members process the transactions of other members, and for their labor, get rewarded with DodgeCoins. Mining is a bit complex, however, and it requires not only your own computer to perform the feat, but some technical know how.

The icon and mascot representing the DodgeCoin is the cute and husky Shiba Inu, a popular dog in Japan. DodgeCoin has a growing community prescence. You can find an ever growing knowledge base and frequently asked questions on Reddit, as well as DodgeCoin Irc, a personal chat community sponsored by DodgeCoin.