What Bitcoin Wallet Is Right For You?

How does the old adage go? You can't play if you don't play. And while Bitcoin casinos are relying solely on Bitcoins for making deposits, tact and decisions still have to be made when choosing your Bitcoin wallet.

About Bitcoin Wallets

One popular Bitcoin wallet is "Bitcoin Core," which happens to be the original Bitcoin wallet. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other Bitcoin wallets, it is still rigorously updated and worked on, making it a highly secure choice. It is also available on all the major operating systems, Windows, Apple and Linux. Also on the preferred choice of wallets is "Multibit," a somewhat lighter package compared to "Bitcoin Core." This wallet takes up little space on your hardrive or USB stick. In fact, "Multibit," can encrypt your private keys either on your desktop or on a USB stick. Available in more than 30 languages, "Multibit" cross platforms over the Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. Also on the docket is "Electrum." Similar to "Multibit" in the sense that it is also light weight, "Electrum" allows users to create several wallets from one source. In addition, this wallet enables you to conduct transactions offline, as well as exporting your sensitive information to other applications to oversee your wallets. Going the extra mile, "Electrum," even allows you to import and export your private keys from other Bitcoin wallets. Another major Bitcoin wallet is "Hive,"which is pursuing new users in the Bitcoin arena. "Hive" comes with unique features that includes instant messaging, where you can send and get Bitcoins at a moments notice. There are also other apps where you can quickly avail yourself with other Bitcoin services. And then there's "Armory," a Bitcoin wallet loaded with features and extras. This wallet comes in Standard, Advanced and Developer modes. It even comes with its own keyboard to further encrypt user's information. It also offers several data storage options, and the ability to conduct transactions offline. This service does require Bitcoin Core to function and it performs seamlessly over Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. Other Bitcoin wallets include, "Blockchain Wallet," whose strength comes with tis security features, such as double encryptions and double authentications when conducting offline transactions. "Coinbase" also makes the list due to its user friendly interface that strongly resembles that of Paypal. It allows players to quickly buy and sell bitcoins amongst each other as well as send and receive bitcoins directly through a user's email.

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