Choosing A Bitcoin Wallet

You can't win unless you get in. And when it comes to getting in, more and more casinos are requiring that the method be Bitcoin, to make deposits and withdrawals. The instrument on achieving this, is through a Bitcoin wallet.

About The Bitcoin Wallets

One highly popular Bitcoin wallet is Bitcoin Core, which in fact is the very original Bitcoin wallet. Somewhat basic without many of the features of other Bitcoin wallets, Bitcoin Core, is still coveted and updated, and still remains a very secure choice. Bitcoin Core is also compatible on all the main computer operating systems. Another valued Bitcoin wallet is the Multibit, which comes in a lighter format than the Bitcoin Core. The Multibit wallet, which uses up only a small amount of hardrive space on the computer or USB drive, has the ability to encrypt your private keys on whatever device it is installed on. Multibit comes in over 30 languages, and it too is available on all the major computer operating systems.

Not to be overlooked is the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. Electrum is highly similar to Multibit regarding that it is light in size as well as the ability of users to create multiple wallets from one base. Electrum gives members the ability to make transactions offline along with safely sending your personal information to other third party applications that are overseeing your wallets. Even more, the Electrum wallet even allows you to import and export your private keys from other Bitcoin wallets.

High on the Bitcoin wallet scene, is the Hive which is having a strong impact on Bitcoin users. The Hive wallet boasts numerous features such as instant messaging where you can trade and receive Bitcoins in mere moments. It also comes with numerous built in apps to expand to other Bitcoin services.

Not to be overlooked is the Armory, Bitcoin wallet that comes with deluxe features and abilities. In fact, the Armory can be used in standard, advanced and developer levels, on top of a keyboard that adds extra encryption to the user's information. The Armory Bitcoin wallet includes numerous data storages, as well as the option of doing business offline. If you are going to use the Armory wallet, you will need Bitcoin Core.

Other notable Bitcoin wallets are the Blockchain Wallet, which specializes in security, double encryptions and extra authentication steps. There is also Coinbase with a user screen that is similar to Paypal, but with all the functions of most Bitcoin wallets.