Bitcoin Cash/BCH

The world's most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, is upping the ante with its hit variation, Bitcoin Cash.

About Bitcoin Cash

Giving its members all the abilities of conducting business with Bitcoin, including selling and trading, Bitcoin Cash, actually incorporates all the regular members of Bitcoin. In other words, if you already have a Bitcoin account, then you can already start using Bitcoin Cash to handle your transactions. What are the advantages of Bitcoin Cash? For starters, there is extra security on transactions. The extra feature is known as SigHash, which is designed to help cut down on repeat transactions as well as security for your preferred wallet.

And if you are a Bitcoin miner, who is taking on the responsibilities of handling transactions on behalf of other members, then there is an added layer of security, in fact, it comes with an entirely brand new algorithm for the protection of members entirely. Feel free to migrate from the traditional Bitcoin block chain to the new difficulty adjustment algorithm.

Thinking about only the best interests of its members, Bitcoin Cash refuses to be influenced by political organizations and political matters with respect to how it handles its technology. If you have reservations or comments on how things can be improved, Bitcoin Cash provides a mailing list where you can make proposals for changes.

About The Bitcoin Cash Wallets

A signature staple when it comes to Bitcoin, are the wallets. One popular wallet is the Ledger, and Trezor, a sophisticated wallet that has grown in scope to acting as a private bank. The Trezor wallet cross platforms on desktop operating systems and mobile platforms as well. You can conduct trades, transfers and even manage other bank accounts from the Trezor wallet.

Other popular wallets include The Electron Cash Wallet, which gives members the opportunity of managing their own private keys. You can even back up the wallet as well as some of the control of the nodes for the block chain encryption. Some of the popular wallets include BitPay, Copay, Exodus and the Jaxx Wallet.

In addition to offering several wallets, Bitcoin Cash also gives its members the opportunity to conduct several crypto services by using Bitcoin Cash. Some of these services are Coin Dance, Coin Payments, Coin Gate, and a bevy more. Not to be overlooked are the numerous exchanges, Simple FX, Coinwale, and CoinEx.