Bitcoin Cashier

You can't win unless you bank to get in, and that's where Bitcoin helps you feel at ease with an easy and safe Bitcoin cashier to make your deposits.

About The Bitcoin Cashier

In mere minutes, have your deposits and in this case your withdrawals processed thanks to the special crypto technology of Bitcoin. Every online casino that supports Bitcoin will have a cashier section where you officially go to make your deposits and process withdrawals. Because Bitcoin is a complete digital currency, all you need is a valid Bitcoin wallet to handle your banking affairs. And to setup a Bitcoin wallet, all you then need in turn is a valid email address plus a way to transfer actually funds into the crypto currency. While traditional pay outs can take up to 48 hours to process, and let alone receive, thanks to the Bitcoin cashier, members can receive their will earned winnings in mere minutes.

In addition to pure Bitcoin casinos that accepts only Bitcoin, traditional online casinos to help promote the usage of Bitcoin among its members, tend to have exclusive Bitcoin promotions. As an added attraction for using Bitcoin at the cashier, members will forgo the need to feel out any credit card authorization forms with proof of id and residence to be submitted to the cashier for approval. Again, all you need when it comes to Bitcoin is a valid Bitcoin wallet to conduct transactions, transferring Bitcoin funds to that casino's secure account.

Valid Bitcoin Wallets To Use At The Bitcoin Cashier

Setting up a Bitcoin wallet is very easy, and there are many to choose from. One popular Bitcoin wallet remains the Bitcoin Core wallet. In fact Bitcoin Core is one of the original Bitcoin wallets. Somewhat larger in file size than modern Bitcoin Wallets, the Bitcoin Core comes heavy with security features and extra block chain encryption and security, considering that all your Bitcoin transactions with the cashier will be safe guarded and encoded with block chain. Another important and highly popular Bitcoin wallet used with Bitcoin cashiers is Green Address. Somewhat lighter than the Bitcoin Core version, Green Address features a multi signature format to provide extra security at the Bitcoin cashier. You will also be able to handle multiple Bitcoin accounts from a singular wallet as well. And for any questions regarding Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Cashier, you can get in touch with customer support.