Imagine the currency of the future. Imagine the wonders of BitCash, a mobile app that represents the future of money.

About BitCash

As stated earlier, BitCash is a mobile app, designed to run optimally on today’s smart devices. Predicated on Bitcoin, the BitCash mobile app gives its members the ability to trade Bitcoin, handle Bitcoin services and even chat with one another through this app. You can chat directly or utilize SMS services to contact other members. For further security, BitCash even allows its members to erase their conversations from the servers so there is no history.

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About The BitCash Wallets

Just like Bitcoin, you will need to setup a BitCash wallet before you can conduct transactions. Some of the popular BitCash wallets include Trezor, which comes heavily fortified with features and extra security measures. The Trezor wallet cross platforms on multiple desktop operating systems and mobile devices as well. Trezor accepts multiple currencies as well. There is Coinomi, another lightweight wallet where you can take control of your own private keys. Coinomi is only available for Android mobile devices, which considering that BitCash is a mobile app, should work out just nicely.

One of the all time favorites, the Jaxx wallet is a multi currency wallet that can be used on desktops as well as mobile devices. With the Jaxx wallet, you can also control your private keys. And not to be overlooked is the Electron Cash Wallet. This wallet gives you the ability to conduct trades and other services with multiple crypto currencies. It cross platforms on mobile devices, which is where BitCash operates.

BitCash, just like Bitcoin and its other variations, gives its members the option of mining as well. Right as you chat or play mini games via BitCash, you can mine other members transactions for BitCash. While still somewhat of an upstart in the world of Bitcoin, the engineers behind BitCash is trying to help facilitate financial transactions without the need of ever going through a bank. The costs are cost effective since you store money digitally on your phone. BitCash comes equipped by using several Bitcoin currencies in addition to Bitcoin. Some of the popular ones include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple. If you go to their website, you can subscribe for updates for all the latest happenings and updates concerning the BitCash app.