Ripple Casinos

Ever since it first came online back in 2013, the Ripple crypto currency has risen through the crypto ranks to the third highest digital currency. Only Ethereum and Bitcoin rank higher. Open source, Ripple, though is a crypto currency, is actually used most popularly as a digital payment, seamlessly converting American and other international currencies to the Ripple format.

Based on its own network, the Ripple network operates on a unique system of consensus where payments and transactions are scrutinized to prevent double payments and double spending. As an added feature, the Ripple network also keeps abreast on its users I.O.Us. These markers must be approved and handled by the consensus of the network before being resolved between the appropriate Ripple wallets.

Ripple Continues To Make Noise In The Crypto Currency Casino Scene

When it comes to crypto currency, the world of Bitcoin continues to expand along with other alt currencies like Litecoin and Ethereum, but now the game gets to the next level with Ripple, a burgeoning crypto currency.

So What Is Ripple?

As mentioned earlier, Ripple is a form of crypto currency. It differs from Bitcoin and other alt currencies from the standpoint that is was created by a private foundation. The Ripple currency was specifically brought into existence to serve as a decentralized solution for banks, so therefore, it also serves as a form of digital payment. Ripple is its own financial system that features its own protocol known as XRP. This eliminates excessive transaction fees and delays. Another benefit of the Ripple system is that it allows you to trade other currencies, including Bitcoin.

The Ripple Effect In The Online Casino World

With some background knowledge of the Ripple currency, it is now time to put it in action when it comes to the ever growing and exciting world of Ripple online casinos. Some of the top online casinos that support the Ripple currency is At this blockbuster online casino, Ripple is gladly accepted here. Before you can get straight to the blockbuster games, you will need to make a deposit. You will need a wallet that specifically handles the Ripple currency. For the record, the official wallet for Ripple is Gatehub which can be downloaded and installed at the official Ripple currency website.

Feel free to press your luck at another Ripple friendly online casino. The table games are king here, especially when it comes to dice and roulette. What better way to get the most out of Ripple than with Ripple As the name suggests, it is a pure Ripple XRP casino. Some of the extra perks include the super fast confirmation process for signing up and making your deposit. The transaction fees are very low to boot as well. There is a special blog that provides insider tips for getting the most out or Ripple.

And of course, there are special Ripple based games at Ripple Casino. If table games are up your alley, then you can’t go wrong with the in house brand of Ripple Dice, Ripple Baccarat, and even video poker to go along with Blackjack. There is a VIP club at