BitBook Sportsbook

There are sports books and Bitcoin casinos, but there is only one Bit Book Casino. Carving its rightful place in the online casino scene, Bit Book Casino has it all. It has a full section for all the major sports and sports leagues. It seems the only sport that is not represented here, is horse racing. But there is a whole lot more to Bit Book Sportbook casino. There is a full array of slot games in vivid detail by gaming engine giant, Betsoft. There is even a wide array of table games and video poker. Throw in highly lucrative promotions for new members and veteran members and a VIP club, and you have the winning online casino and phenomenon known as Bit Book Sportsbook Casino.

A Special Brand Of Software

There are many gaming engines that deserve merit, and then there is Betsoft. Betsoft Gaming continues to separate itself from the crowd by specializing in visually stunning five reel slots that are super vivid and crisp in detail that resembles real life. Another hallmark to Betsoft’s games is that they are highly interactive with characters that move around and come to life on the reels. They are also rich with games with multi bonus rounds. Betsoft is able to bring these games to life thanks to the flash engine. Flash makes it possible to compress the games into small file sizes with next to loss in game detail. You can also play them either straight online, or you can download them to your personal computer or your mobile device.

At The Lobby

Bit Book Casino is a user friendly online casino that is well designed. In order to get at the games and the sports betting, you will have to login where you are taken to the lobby. At the lobby, all that you need is there, including your account info. You will also have easy access to the games of your choice and entry into the sports book.

Who Is Welcome?

Bit Book Sportsbook Casino is a global phenomenon. Players from America, Canada, Australia and the United States along with Europe, are more than welcome. Players from these countries will have no problem signing up and making a deposit. Also all of the promotions are available to players from these countries as well.

Blockbuster Games

Scores of games are waiting for you at Bit Book Sportsbook Casino. There is a good variety of slot games and table games too. When it comes to the table games, there is classic blackjack and multiple versions of blackjack as well. There is a full compliment of poker titles including Pontoon, Caribbean Poker, and multi hand sets of poker. If you need more poker, there is an entire section just for video poker. The other table games include roulette, both American, European and French.

Is There A Live Dealer?

There is no live dealer available at Bit Book Sportsbook Casino. You’re going to have to play all of these epic table games on your own.

A New Bout Of Slots

The majority of the games here at Bit Book Sportsbook, falls into the slot category, specifically in the five reel variety. So what are some of the popular slot games awaiting you? Care for a crime caper? Then why not try Heist Slots, where your skills as a master bank robber, are put to the test. This interactive five reel game puts you into the center of a high end bank robbery, compete with gadgets and a catchy soundtrack.

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a Vegas high roller? Well now’s your chance thanks to Mr. Vegas Slots, an interactive game where you get to experience the highs and unfortunately the lows, of winning in a Vegas Casino. Witness the crowd go wild when you win. There are even beautiful women hanging off your arms.

Want to get away to Paris? Well now’s your chance thanks to After Night Falls, where you get to experience the night time in the world famous city of Paris. The chase is on, as you guide the determined commissioner in finding an art thief.

The eternal feud between good and evil reaches its zenith with Good Girl and Bad Girl Slots. Pick your side, either the angel or the devil. Heck you can even play both at the same time and split the rewards, but also heighten the danger.

The Slots Keep On Coming

Perhaps the only thing better than a great slot game is a brand new one. Bit Book Sportsbook is in the frequent habit of adding new slot games. Be sure to check the gaming roster to see what new games have been added to the roster.

Play These Gems For Free

Sit back and relax. Get to know the games here at Bit Book Sports Book Casino. You can preview all the games for free before you make a real wager. You might even be able to find some third party promotions where you can use some no deposit bonuses and free spins to play for free while winning real money.

Making A Real Bet

You can best believe that Bit Book Casino has many ways for you to make a bet. Making your deposits and getting up and running with the games is a breeze.

Making Your Deposits

Bit Book Sportsbook is a pure Bitcoin casino, so they only accept Bitcoin and Bitbook Token. The Bitbook Token comes from Ethereum blockchain and it can be handy when making sports bets.

Speaking Of Bitcoin

Again, Bitcoin is the primary means to making your deposit. Bitcoin is purely digital, so you won’t have to go through any banks which can save you a lot of time. The only way to use Bitcoin, is through a Bitcoin wallet. There are many Bitcoin wallets for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided, convert some funds into it and then head to the cashier here at Bit Book Sportsbook Casino.

Getting Paid

You’ve put together your strategy to game and you’ve managed to win some nice coin in the process. When you are ready to receive your well deserved money, the cashier will be standing by whenever you wish to begin the process.

The Tournaments

You can play the games all by yourself or you can test your metal against other players from around the world. Check out the tournament schedule for more information.

Top Of The Line Promotions

To help you get the most out of the games and the sports book section, Bit Book Sportsbook has a well of promotions. New members who join, will receive a 150% matching bonus to go towards your Bitbook Tokens. If you deposited with Bitcoin, you will receive a 100% matching bonus.

Second deposits will find you with a 50% matching bonus. For those in the VIP club, there are special rewards and promotions just for you. For regular members, there is a 10% cashback promotion to help you offset your losses.

Welcome To The VIP Club

The most loyal of members here at Bit Book Sportsbook Casino, will find even sweeter rewards in the VIP club. The more you wager, the more comp points you will accrue, where you can move up the VIP ranks. Each VIP level has its own sets of perks and promotions.

Everyone Has To Register

Before you can get up and running with all the games and the sports book, you have to register. Registration is the key to proving that you are of legal age to gamble. You also need to have an account to receive your well deserved winnings.

It Only Takes An Instant

All of the wonderful games and sports betting relies on the flash engine. Flash makes its possible to play either straight online, or you can download them to your personal computer or your mobile device.

Playing On The Go

By no means are you relegated to play at your personal computer or your mobile device. Bit Book Sportsbook Casino is fully optimized to play seamlessly on today’s mobile devices and smart phones. All you have to do is login and pick up right where you left off.

Getting The App

For even faster game play, download the official app to Bit Book Sportsbook. The app will cross platform on desktops, and all of the major smart devices, tablets and the laptops.

Many Ways To Get Help

When you sign up to Bit Book Sportsbook Casino, you are joining a family. There are many ways to find information, including the frequently asked questions section where you can find information for common questions like banking and accounting. There are even sections for bonus terms and a terms and conditions page.

One Heck Of A Sportsbook

Bit Book Casino delivers in a major way when it comes to the sports book. All of the major, North American sports are represented here. You can bet on the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball, along with Hockey. Are you into tennis? Then you won’t be disappointed. You can bet on the various grand slams going on at the moment.

The world’s most popular sport, soccer, is also represented. There are many Latin American leagues and European leagues available to make your bets on. You can also wager on gold and professional boxing. Need more baseball? In addition to American baseball, you can also follow the Mexican baseball league as well as the triple A league.

In addition to the NFL, there is the Canadian Football League and college football. In addition to the NBA, there is the WNBA. When you are ready to make your bets, all you have to do is fill out the bet slip and away you go. To help you make the best possible bet, there are odds that are updated to the minute to give you your best chance.

The Bookie

With so much sports action going on, it is up to the members to place their bets.

Becoming An Affiliate

Can’t get enough of Bit Book Sportsbook? Why not take your support to the next level and become an actual affiliate. Becoming an affiliate is easier than you think. In fact, there is an entire section just for affiliates. The first step is to register for an affiliate account which you can easily do in mere minutes online. Once you’ve registered, you will learn the official rules of being an affiliate and the conduct. You will also find the payment schedule which breaks down the terms of payment and when you will get paid. And for any questions or concerns you might have, there is even customer support just for those members who are in affiliation with Bit Book Sportsbook.

Getting The Help You Need

Winning and enjoying yourself are the only concerns Bit Book Sportsbook wants its members to be preoccupied with. The customer support team can be reached through email, live chat or through toll free phone. They are available any time you need them. Again, for quick and ready made answers, check out the frequently asked question section and other places.