Space Traders Slots

Revolver Gaming, a growing powerhouse in the online casino industry, is the driving force behind Space Trader Slots, a premiere three reel game that features nine pay lines.

All The Tidbits About Space Traders Slots

As the name suggests, Space Traders makes its mark in the world of outer space, and it carries galactic prizes and rewards. Space Traders does not come with a main wild symbol, rather, it features a special symbol that will be on the reels before each game commences. In addition, if at least three of these special symbols land, they will lock while the other reels are spun for free offering even larger wins and prizes. The special symbols will also double winning combinations.

Not to be overlooked is the space junk symbol. This symbol is the key to starting the space junk bonus round, by getting at least three of them to fall. And while you are playing in this bonus round, you can find the Space Trader himself along with Queen Bea in her room you must pick among five items. You have the choice of picking three items. All in all, you can earn a winning multiplier up to 88 times.

And not to be overlooked while playing regular game, the winning multiplier will rise based on the number of space junk icons that fall. Manage to get four for a two times winning multiplier. Five will produce a three times winning multiplier, and the top nine scatters will shell out a 20 times winning multiplier.

The other game icons in Space Traders, are the official game logo, Queen Bea herself, the Space Trader, a robot, a rocket, a pot full of gems, money, cars, appliances, as well as a crater. The aim is to get three of a kind of an icon to score a victory. And when you score a win, the reels will spin, and animate to mark your win.

Space Traders Slots give you the choice of heading into orbit and place bets yourselves, or you can set them up in auto play mode. There is a pay table where you can review icon amounts. There is also an options button where you can tweak game settings like reel speed. Space Traders Slots comes fully optimized for desktop play as well as for mobile device usage.