Delicious Candies Slots

When it comes to highly rich slot games, there is no such thing as eating too much candy. In fact, candy is the name of the game with Bovada Gaming’s new, Delicious Candies. This vibrant game comes in five reels to go along with 5 pay lines. Make no mistake about it, several delicious candies is the main attraction.

All the game icons reflect the delicious world of candy. The wild symbol consists of strawberries. Whenever the strawberry lands, it will sub for the game icons except for the scatter symbol. The strawberries in milk also packs a delicious punch for winning combinations.

When it comes to the scatter icon, that is taken up by the cupcake. The tasty cupcake is the key to playing in the free spins round. It takes getting at least three of them to play in the free spins round, where you start off with 7 free spins which comes with a two times winning multiplier. And as you play in this free spins round, players stand to earn higher winning multipliers. And should you lose in the free spins round, you stand to gain special winning multipliers to be added on top of the winning multipliers that you already have.

Still want more candy? What’s more, is the bonus round which comes with treasure chests, with each one coming with its own prize. The other game symbols in Delicious Candies are doughnuts, slices of watermelon, gingerbread houses, slices of cake, and the card numbers, aces, kings, queens and jacks.

To score a win, you must get three of the same symbol to land from the left of the reel to the right. When you score a win, the reels will animate to celebrate your victory. If you’re for a new type of candy, then it doesn’t take much to get the reels spinning. Delicious Candies Slots, can be enjoyed at your leisure on your personal computer or on your smart device or tablet, so you can get your fill of delicious candies, anywhere and at any time. Feel free to place bets on your own, or you can utilize auto play mode to have them placed for you. A help button is provided to go over game icons and their winning amounts as well as info on bonuses and free spins. There are bet arrows to help you make precise bets.