Edgeless Casino

Have you ever wanted to go over the edge, but still be in control and not fall? Well, now’s your chance thanks to Edgeless Casino, a riveting, state of the art, modern day, Ethereum Casino. Featuring, an elegant, sleek design, Edgeless Casino, boasts an incredible array of slot and table games, to go along with very generous promotions. It appears that there is a little something for everybody here at this state of the art, online Casino. Throw in an easy banking system and attentive customer support, and you’ve got a winning product here at Edgeless Casino.

All the games here run on the Provably Fairness system, so your wins and losses are determined at complete random, for your convenience.

A Special Breed Of Software

It’s no surprise that what makes the gaming system of any online casino go, is the gaming engine that fuels it. So what’s behind these beautiful and elegant games? How about, the Edgeless software itself. Like we said, Edgeless Casino is a complete online, Ethereum casino in every sense, even developing and supporting its own in house gaming system through the usage of the flash engine. Flash delivers blockbuster graphics with easy game play.

So Who Exactly Is Accepted Here?

Edgeless Casino, in its short time of existence, has already amassed a heck of a following worldwide. Having said all of that, they are more than welcoming to players from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Members from these countries will have no problem, registering, nor making deposits here. Speaking of deposits, that process gets simplified through the usage of Bitcoin. Players from these countries can also avail themselves with the promotions this casino has to offer as well and the best of the customer support team that is always standing by.

Bring On The Games

There are scores of games here, ranging from slot to table games, that will more than send you over the edge. When it comes to the table games, members here can expect, classic blackjack. There is also the casino favorite and staples, Roulette and Baccarat. There is also dice and their in house table game, crash. Just like the name suggests, you have to pick your steep slope, the odds of the winning multiplier, and see whether or not you crash or not. How do you like those odds?

Live Dealer Mode

You can play the table games by yourself, or you can try to see if you go over the edge yourself, thanks to live dealer mode. Blackjack is especially nice with live dealer mode. All throughout the experience, you can see the other members that are at the table as well. The game play experience is quite nice as well. You can see all of your chips and cards on the virtual table as well. You can always keep up with your betting history in live dealer mode as well.

Bring On The Slots

The slot games are not overlooked here either. In fact, there is a special in house slot game for those who need to see the reels spin. The game play is quite simple. You can spin the reels yourself or setup your spins through auto play mode. You can adjust the number of pay lines per spin as well. You can even adjust the coin size per spin as well. And yes, there are awesome free spins to be played in the slots game. And just like the table games, you can see the latest bets placed by members. There is also a leader board for recent winners as well. Not to be overlooked is the progressive jackpot that can be won here as well.

Are There New Slots?

The game play is quite simple here at Edgeless Casino. There is a handful of games. Right now at this moment, there aren’t any new games on the roster, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anytime soon. Be sure to check back to see if there are new additions.

Playing For Free

Registered members can get in some free rounds. But you have to be logged in in order to play some free rounds and hands.

Playing For Real Money

Of course when you are ready to play for real, there are many ways to get your bet in so you can get up and running to the games.

Making Your Deposit

Edgeless Casino is a state of the art, online casino. The main deposit option is via Ethereum which runs on its own Ethr currency. Similar to Bitcoin, you will need a Ethereum wallet to handle your transactions. There are many Ethereum wallets, most notably the Ledger Nano S. This wallet is a commercial one. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum runs on its own special block chain system with an encrypted hash to boot. Other notable Ethereum wallets are Trezor, and Atomic. Edgeless Casino also has its own Edge tokens that can be used for currency. These tokens are in limited supply and can be used to buy, sell or trade coins among members. You can even use them to fund the games you play. The Edge Token will even gain you insight on their jackpots going on at any given time.

Big Time Promotions

To help you go over the edge in a good way, Edgeless Casino offers up a nice batch of promotions. Right off the top of the bat, new members are brought into the fold, courtesy of the welcome package of a 100% matching bonus on your first deposit. In addition to that, you will receive up to 777 free spins and some free jackpot keys. In fact, you will receive a 100% matching bonus on your first seven deposits, and an assortment of free spins.

Even if you don’t make a deposit and you sign up, you stand to gain 20 free spins to be used exclusively on Roulette and 7 free spins to be used on the slot game.

For established members, there is the big jackpot that is waiting to be won. To qualify for this, you will need to deposit at least, 100 Edge tokens to get one chest. Open the chest to find one to 10 keys. It stands to reason that the more chests you have to open, the greater your chance of winning the jackpot. The winning key is chosen at random and one special winner will walk away with 10,000 Edge tokens.

Big Time Rewards

As we just mentioned, the more you wager, the more you stand to win the jackpot. Outside of that, the more you wager, the more comp points you will accrue which can help you later down the road. Also, the more friends you get to sign up, the more chests you will receive as an award for doing so.

Tournament Play

Knock your socks off by playing by yourself, or test your metal by going against other players in the mighty tournaments. The tournaments don’t cost much to enter into and the jackpots tend to be quite nice. Be sure to check the schedule to see if your game qualifies for tournament play.

You’ve Got To Register

There are no question. Everyone must register here at Edgeless Casino to play. Registration is vital to see if you are of legal age to gamble here. But you need to register to have an account ready to go to receive your well deserved winnings. Registration is quite simple and can be done via email in a matter of minutes.

Playing On The Go

By no means are you confined to the computer while playing at Edgeless Casino. This gem of a casino is designed for optimum performance on today’s smart devices and tablets. There’s no need to create a new account, simply login on your mobile device and pick up right where you left off. All of the banking options and promotions carries over on the mobile devices as well.

Getting The App

At this time, there is no official casino app associated here at Edgeless Casino. You will have to play here online on whatever device you choose to do so.

The Power Of Instant Play

All of these wonders and games still run on the flash engine. Flash is what makes these games both graphical masterpieces which can become easy to stream through the web browser.

Time To Cash Out

Of course everyone is going to want to get their well deserved money at some point. That’s no problem. At any time, you can head to the cashier to begin the process of receiving your money. If you won some coin through the promotions, be advised of the minimum wager and gambling requirements before you are eligible to make withdrawals.

Making Your Withdrawals

Of course the main method to receive your winnings is through Ethereum. Once the cashier has approved your request, you will receive your request via Ethr currency in your Ethereum wallet. There maybe some fees taken out of your winnings in the process.

Becoming An Affiliate

Can’t get enough of Edgelesss Casino? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. You can become an official affiliate by signing up through the customer support system. In fact, they have a customer support just for affiliates. There is also a frequently asked question section as well for those who need to cover more ground. You can learn what is required along with payment schedules.

Speaking Of Customer Support

Winning and enjoying yourself is the name of the game here at Edgeless Casino. The customer support team is standing by through live chat and email to assist you in your needs.

Other Means Of Support

Edgeless Casino is a top notch, online Casino in every sense of the word. There is an official blog for those who want to find out tidbits and extra information on how to game and what’s new throughout the casino. You can even find the current events with the block chain technology and the Edgeless network.

Going the extra mile, there is a frequently asked section where you can fin additional information on common issues and questions. There is also a privacy policy page to go along with a terms and conditions page for additional info like bonus terms and wager requirements.