DuckDice Casino

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, chances are you are playing at Duck Dice Casino, a state of the art, Bitcoin Casino. Even though Duck Dice is a Bitcoin Casino, it has to be able to hold its own, and the power of holding its own, is through the strength of its gaming software. Now Duck Dice Casino is unique in the sense, that not only does it rely on its own in house, but its game slate of games are simple, in house design, but very potent. In addition to that, there are special, and rewarding promotions and many lite coin currencies.

The Software Powering The Casino

Duck Dice Casino uses their own in house brand of software for their three games, which includes Duck Dice, The Lottery and The Sniper Games. As we mentioned before, Duck Dice Casino is a special, one of a kind, online casino. We’ll discuss more about their games later, but in order to keep the games fair and accurate, Duck Dice Casino relies on the provably fair system of gaming. Under the provably fair system, each round, or roll of the dice is calculated at complete random through a special, cryptographic system, through the usages of encrypted hash. And for other reassurances, after the end of each game play, you can review the specific signature of the provably fair hash.

Are Players From Around The World Accepted?

Although relatively new online casino, Duck Dice Casino, is growing immensely in popularity. Players from around the world are more than welcome to try their hand and luck with their Duck Dice game. This is especially so for players from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. There will be no problems for members to register and login. Considering this is a Bitcoin Casino, players no matter where they are, will have no issues logging in. The same thing goes for the promotions here as well for players coming from America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Going Inside The Games

Duck Dice is not only just a unique online casino, but a unique one in terms of Bitcoin Casinos. There are only three games, with the centerpiece being Duck Dice. So What exactly is Duck Dice? Well for starters, based on your deposit, you can alter the winning odds and the winning multiplier should you please. Of course this going to require more resources to accomplish this. Once you do this, you will need to choose whether to roll the dice from under or over respected numbers on their percentile dice. The numbers you choose, must be between 0 and 9,999. If the roll is withing the range, you will win. It’s that simple. Again, this game is based on the provably fair system, so you can game with ease and with a sense of freedom. You can also auto bet to make your bets as well.

Outside of Duck Dice, there is the lottery games. The lottery is pretty straight forth. Every day, the lottery takes place, similar to the Mega Millions and the Powerball, members, or ducklings as they are fondly referred to as, will purchase tickets. Should you get five out of the six numbers, will get 50% of the current jackpot. Should you get, four numbers out of the six, you will get 30% of the current jackpot. Three of the numbers is the minimum, which will lead you to 20% of the jackpot. And of course, it goes without saying that, if you get all six of the numbers, you will either win the entire jackpot, or you will split it among other winners. You can review your betting history and hold multiple tickets at once.

And then, there is the sniper. What exactly is the sniper? Sniper games here at Duck Dice Casino, entails members playing against other members. There are three main parts of the sniper game. The first part is the roll. Simply put, the roll means you pick a random number that you want to hit, or get near to hitting. If you get the number or, you’re a member or a duckling that comes close to hitting that number, you will win. Once you pick the number, you will have to make a contribution. Should you win, you will get the bankroll, minus the commission.

Playing For The Heck Of It

As soon as you register, you can play some practice rounds to Duck Dice so you can get the hang of things.

Playing For Real

Of course, when you are ready to play for real, there are many ways for you to make your deposit, so you can get up and running with either Duck Dice, the lottery or sniper.

The Banking Options

Duck Dice is a pure Bitcoin Casino. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are the only banking options available here. The number one crypto currency accepted here is Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin saves you the time and hassle of going through banks. All you need with Bitcoin is a Bitcoin wallet. There are many Bitcoin wallets to choose from, including the original, Bitcoin Core wallet, the sleeker, Bitcoin Wallet, Electrum Wallet, and so much more. When you’ve chosen your wallet, you will then need to convert some funds into it and away you go.

There is also, Ethereum. With Ethereum, the process is similar to Bitcoin. You will need to have a wallet that is compatible for it, convert some funds into the Ethr currency and away you go. There is also Dodge coin, and Dash coin.

Time To Cash Out

When you feel that you’ve accumulated enough bankroll, the next step is to press the withdrawal button, choose your lite coin method and the amount you wish to play with. Keep in mind, there maybe fees associated with your method. There may also be a few business days to get your claims processed, before you receive your money in your Bitcoin wallet.

Slot Games Anybody?

Duck Dice keeps things simple by only having three games. At this time, there are no slot games to be found.

So New Slots?

Because there are no slot games, there are also no new slot games coming to their gaming roster at this time.

Instant Play

Duck Dice, like most online casinos, uses the flash engine to power their games. Flash makes it possible to stream Duck Dice, the lottery games or the sniper game right on the web browser.

Getting Your Ducks On The Go

Duck Dice Casino is fully optimized for mobile play. You don’t have to be bound to your personal computer to get the most here. Simply login on your mobile device, and pick up right where you left off. There is no need to create a new account for the mobile device. All of the promotions, and lite coin banking, also applies to the mobile version of this casino as well.

You’ve Got To Register

Even though Duck Dice is a unique online casino, it still follows tradition in the sense that you will need to register before you can get up and at their games. Registration is vital to proving that you are of legal age to gamble here and to have an account setup so you can your winnings.

Is There An App?

At this moment, there doesn’t appear to be an official app for you to install and download. You will have to simply login to get at the games and the promotions offered here.

Is There A Live Dealer?

Again, there are no standard nor table games to be found here at Duck Dice Casino.

Becoming An Affiliate

Take your love and passion for Duck Dice Casino to the next level by becoming an affiliate. Becoming an affiliate is not hard to do at all. There is a special section just for affiliates where you can learn about what it means to be an affiliate, the official rules and the payment schedule to be applied and assigned to official affiliates. You can even get in touch with the customer support staff for affiliates.

Getting The Help You Need

Playing dice and going along as a happy duckling is all that should matter each and every time you login here at Duck Dice Casino. The customer support team is standing by 24/7, any time you need them. They can be reached through live chat or through email.

Welcome To The Community

There is a strong gaming atmosphere and togetherness at Duck Dice Casino. In addition to the customer support team, there is also a strong community forum and blogs where you can learn more information about common questions, gaming advice and more. Check out their knowledge for even more answers to questions, including an update log on recent additions. There is a privacy policy page along with a terms and condition page as well.

Don’t Forget About The Promotions

To get the most out of the duckling experience here at Duck Dice Casino, there are many promotions here for the taking. For starters, there is the Lucky Bet Bonus, where on occasion, this promotions will allow members to earn some extra coins from the wagers they’ve placed. Winners are determined by the bet numbers that are displayed above the game field.

Birthdays don’t go unnoticed here at Duck Dice Casino. Every year on your special day, pick a decorated egg to reveal your particular bonus to celebrate your birthday. There is also the annual Christmas promotion where from Christmas eve all the way through January 7th, you will need to make at least one deposit between the time frame. Once that is done, find the bonus icon to claim your random prize.

It’s time to go duck hunting. Duck Dice has a random duck hunt, where at any time of you playing, a duck can randomly fly across the screen for you to shoot down. Be advised that it will only happen when you are playing Duck Dice.

And every year when Easter rolls around, for two days, you will get your chance to grab an emerging Easter egg that contains some special effects. And you can always celebrate the new year with New Years Bonus as well where all members can stand to gain some extra coins in their accounts to start another year of great play and winning.

Don’t forget to check out, third party online casino sites that may have special bonuses that can be used here at Duck Dice Casino.

Big Time Rewards

It pays to refer a friend here at Duck Dice Casino. The more friends you get to sign up, the more you will win here at Duck Dice Casino. And make it rain in the chat room. That’s right, even when you are chatting, you stand to gain some Bitcoins which can be applied to your account. The chat wins out again. Again, if you are in the chat room, you stand to win some coins, even if other members are feeling mighty generous.

Want to try the game for free? You heard right, by trying a game for free under the Bitcoin Faucet, should you solve correctly the captcha, you stand to gain some coins and prizes.


You can play Duck Dice by yourself, or you can enter in competition against other ducklings when playing Duck Dice. It’s simple, enter a qualifying wager and play as normal. The top 15 winners will receive some winnings. This goes on every day. You can check the leader board on your particular status, or you can revel at the previous other winners. There are special tiers for the top three winners.