Adrenaline Casino

The name says it all. Casino Adrenaline, is a top notch online casino, featuring the heavyweight gaming engine, Betsoft to power the games. In fact, there are multiple game engines, which we will talk briefly about. Besides the games, there are top tier tournaments that are full of extra adrenaline rush for you to become the next big winner.

In addition to the outstanding table games and the specialty games, which again we will discuss in great detail, Casino Adrenaline packs a serious punch with adrenaline rushed promotions, waiting for you. And yes, we will also be talking about these rewards in great detail as well. There are many communication options here, as well as ways to get the help you need, so you can maintain the ultimate adrenaline rush here at Casino Adrenaline.

A Special Breed Of Gaming Software

While many online casinos would consider themselves fortunate to have one renown gaming engine, Casino Adrenaline, shoots for the stars by having several of them. One such gaming engine is the Betsoft gaming engine. If you are a hardcore, online gambler, than the chances are that you are familiar with the mighty Betsoft gaming engine. Betsoft continues to make their bread and butter by developing, breathtakingly beautiful, five reel games that are visually flawless. Their games also tend to be highly interactive and very character driven too. You can expect awesome bonus rounds, multi bonus rounds to go with them.

To help bring these games to life, Betsoft relies on the prowess of the flash engine. Flash makes it possible for you to stream these games either directly online, or for download. The choice is yours. You can even expect nice soundtracks to accompany these games as you get immersed into this superb worlds.

Another prominent gaming engine worth mentioning, is Booming Games. Though they are relatively new to the gaming scene, they have carved out a niche, for intricate and entertaining games. The other gaming engines include Bgaming, Belatra, Endorphina and Platipus. We will be talking in more detail about these engaging games here at Casino Adrenaline.

The Lobby Awaits

In order to jump into the game game of your choice, you will first need to get into the lobby. All you have to do is login to your account to gain entry into the lobby. You will be presented with all the games, promotions and banking options.

Come And Join The Fun

Before you can even join the lobby, you will need to formally register here at Casino Adrenaline. You can easily do this online, in a matter of mere minutes. So sign up and officially join the fun.

A Truly Global Casino

Adrenaline is something unique to every individual, but when it comes to Casino Adrenaline. Simply put, members from all around the world are more than welcome to get the ultimate Adrenaline rush when it comes to this special, one of a kind, online casino. Players from America, Canada, Australia, and most of the European countries, are more than welcome to come and sign up here. Making your deposits will be no problem here either. So what are you waiting for? Come and sign up and make your deposit to get into the game.

Feel The Adrenaline Rush With The Games

While the slot games, no doubt dominate the discussion and for good reason, let's not overlook the tremendous table games and specialty games. When it comes to the table games, the sky is the limit when it comes to blackjack. You have classic blackjack, and multiple hands of blackjack to go with them as well. The art of blackjack is still the same. The goal is to get as close to the number 21 as possible, out thinking, and in this case, out bluffing the competition in the process. So the only question that remains is, will you hit or stand.

Poker is well represented with the table games too. Some of the popular poker games here involve Caribbean Poker. If you are not familiar with this gem of a game, you are in for a real treat. The goal is to get as close in card value to your ante. Unlike other poker games, you won't be able to make any bluffs. The cards that you are holding, will do all the talking for you. You can either fold or hold. The payouts here are quite nice. You have the royal flush with odds of 100 to 1. There is the straight flush which pays 50 to 1. There is even the four of a kind, the full house, the flush, a straight, three of a kind, two pair, along with a single pair.

Poker is so king here are Casino Adrenaline, that there is an entire section just for video poker enthusiasts. You have many of the best ensemble games already on the docket for you to play. There is Jacks Or Better, plus multiple versions of this game. There is also Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. Other prominent table games include Baccarat, and several versions of roulette. You have at your disposal, American and European Roulette, plus French roulette and zoom roulette. If you are not familiar with roulette, it is the timeless game of chance. In the American version, you have 38 spots, painting black and green. You can choose to make your wager on what number it will fall on, or the color it will fall on. But there is so much more to talk about at Casino Adrenaline. There is a robust, specialty game section, waiting for you. Craps is a strong option, as are multiple versions of dice.

Experience The Awesome Slot Games

Slots rule the roost here at Casino Adrenaline. It is only fitting that you have many at your disposal, across many genres, to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. One such popular genre, is the Parisian themed games. We begin with the top two games that takes place in Paris. The first one is the A Night In Paris. This game centers around the determined officer and his dog looking to catch up with a notorious art thief.

The game play happens at night time, to gorgeous views of Paris. There is even the Eiffel tower that shines brightly in the back. The determined officer will payout 500 credits on the pay line. The art thief is good for 300 credits on the reels. The dog is good for 250 credits as well in his own right. When you get the officer, the badge and the officer to fall on the reels, that will lead to instant wins on the pay line.

Three of the badges, will also usher in the free spins round, where it is up to you to catch up with the notorious art thief. Three of the Napoleon paintings, will set you up with the caught in the museum bonus round. You must make away with the precious paintings, racking away the wins before you get caught.

The second game based in Paris, that deserves to be talked about, is After Night Falls. This five reel game follows the determined Parisian detective, that is hot on the heels of a dangerous burglar. This game is highly interactive with movement all about. The detective hangs out on the reels, and from time to time, the burglar will make an appearance on the reels. You will even see Granny and the cat, moving about in the apartment.

The determined officer will pay you 250 credits for five of him on the pay line. The cute cat will shell out 150 credits, and the jewelry is good for 100 credits. The magnifying glass is an important icon. It is the moving wild. When it moves over the reels, it will bestow upon you free spins. Even better, the wild will move all over the reels. The criminal pays dividends as well. Three of him on the pay line will present you with 5 rooms. Chose the room you wish to go into to take away clues from the detective, which in turn will lead to strong wins.

There is the granny bonus round. This time, the detective checks out the house to find the clues to find the determined burglar. You can also enjoy the stacked collapsed wins where a single icon can grow into a giant for bigger and better wins. And when it comes to the free spins, the more scatters you get to fall, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Three scatters will lead to 10 free spins. Four is good for 15 free spins. And five scatters on the pay line, will lead to 25 free spins. And after each win, you will have the chance to double up those wins.

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a big time high roller, look no further than Mr. Vegas. This visually slick game has it all. Bright lights, beautiful women and of course, one special high roller. The game begins with Mr. Vegas being driven to the casino in style. All things Vegas and big time Casinos, finds their way on to the reels here. The beautiful showgirl will pay you 500 credits for five of her on the reels. The blonde and the brunette girls, will reward you with 300 credits. They will also go wild, celebrating your win, stroking your ego as well too.

Mr. Vegas is the main man on a whole lot of levels. He will set you up with multiple bonus rounds. If you get the dice icon to fall beside Mr. Vegas, you will get set up in the free spins round. The winning multiplier is determined by the number of the dice that actually fell onto the reels. You can even earn additional free spins when it comes to the mini slot machines hitting the reels. Mr. Vegas is back for another encore. If you get him to fall on the first, third and fifth reels, you will play in a very special round of roulette. And if you win it big, the female starlets will also go wild to help celebrate with you. Don't forget about the beautiful showgirl. She is standing by to spin the mighty money wheel. The spot it lands on, will determine the prize you will receive. You can even earn the progressive jackpot in this instance.

The slot games keep on coming with Spinfinity Man. The stage is set for you to become the super hero, you were always meant to be with this dynamic, animated, five reel game. The game play happens in front of a metropolis that is in danger from the forces of evil. This game is loaded with cluster wins and bonuses. We begin with the man of the hour, Spinfinity. When he lands on the reels, he will launch one of five super powers, for a super win on the reels. The first super power is the laser eye beam. The single eye beam will burn away to consecutive rows or columns. The double laser eye beam will burn away two consecutive rows or columns.

A single icy blast will shatter away the span of one cell. A double icy blast will blow away two cells near Spinfinity Man. You also have the telepathy power which will remove a single type of symbols from the reels. Spinfinity Man's eye wear is the super wild in the game. This will lead to some serious, cluster wins. The super crystal is another important icon. The more of these that fall on the reels, the greater the win will become. After each win, you will have the chance to try to double up your wins by correctly guessing the coin flip. To trigger the cluster wins, you will need to get four of a like symbol to land on the pay line.

When it comes to the bonus round, you can begin with the fan girl. For each cluster win you get to go off, she will become more and more excited. Five explosive clusters will start this feature. Here a random number of spins will explode for your win. When it comes to the catch Mr. X feature, it is all about following the trail he leaves behind. You begin this free spins round with 10 free spins. Mr. X leaves behind some serious powers of his own. Here, is the laser arm cannon goes off, it will burn away two consecutive rows or 2 columns. When it comes to the super arm cannon, this will burn away two columns or two cells. The destruction bomb will blow up areas around the cell. The devastation bomb will burn away two of the cells from Mr. X. The x ray will zap all the icons on the reels to make way for new ones.

When You Are Ready To Play For Real…

There are still even more slot games awaiting your attention here. When you've made your deposit, why not sit back and give the timeless horror story a real bet. We are talking none other than the infamous, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This five reel edition, is nothing short of visually stunning, eye candy when it comes to the level of interaction. There are many bonus rounds to discuss and to get to know. All through the game, Dr. Jekyll, hangs out on the reels, moving about the room.

Speaking of the mild mannered doctor, he will payout 1,200 credits for five of him on the pay line, as well his dark, alter ego, Mr. Hyde. All things related to this timeless classic, can be found as key icons, including the newspaper, which is good for 100 credits for an entire row full of them. The wild symbol is special in its own right. Normally, when a wild lands with a winning combination, it will double those wins, but this time, it is a bit different.

When it comes to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it will perform as a regular wild symbol, but when it falls on the certain reels, it will trigger the many bonus rounds available here. The first bonus round centers on Dr. Jekyll himself. When you get him to land on the third reel, along with the red potion on the second of the fourth reel, all of the Jekyll symbols and the official wilds, will become Jekyll wilds. The icons will move about in a frenzy, settling in new locations for larger than life results and wins. The special wild Hyde, will replace the other icons in this instance, with the exception of a few icons.

An in a gruesome spin of the reels, if Mr. Hyde should fall on the third reel along with the blue potion on the second and fourth reels, all hell is gonna break loose. For when this happens, you will receive a special winning multiplier that can go as high as 20 times. The random winning multiplier can start as low as 5 times in this on screen madness.

When it comes to the free spins round, you will get here, when the meter gets filled with red potion. When that happens you will commence the free spins. Be wary of the blue potions coming into play, for they have the power to end the free spins round. The more red potions you receive during free play mode, will replenish the free spins you play with.

But the best is saved for last. When it comes to the Frenzy Bonus, Mr. Hyde is busting loose. To get here, you will need a Mr. Hyde logo besides the official game logo on both sides on the second, third or fourth reels. It is up to you to guide Mr. Hyde through the alert streets of London to escape the carnage he has done. If you are successful in this endeavor, then you might enjoy a winning multiplier that can go as high as 66 times. Be aware of the police officers, for they have the power to drain your winnings significantly.

And when it comes to the antidote, that is all set up by the awesome potion bonus. To get here, you will need to get Dr. Jekyll to land on both sides of the official game logo, on the second, third and fourth reels. Once you have done this, time is of the essence for you to find the right combinations to pull together the antidote. The more successful you are in this regard, the higher the winning multiplier will be. All in all, it can go all the way up to 160 times for this.

Prepare to step into the exciting world of fantasy. Prepare for the sword and sorcery epic of Fire And Steel, a powerful, and rugged, five reel game that puts your courage and swordsmanship to the test. When you make your real bet, you are immediately transported into the dark fantasy world, where powerful magic and dragons are afoot. There is even a soundtrack to help set the stage for the perils you are getting ready to face.

To say that the graphics are awesome, is an understatement. They are gorgeous. The detail is so fine, that the crowns even glimmer and shine. The two heroes are the valiant swordsman, and the shield maiden. It just so happens that they are bot the wild symbols in the game. They will of course, fall on different reels. When the swordsman lands, he will give off an energy beam, that will go either directly up or down from his position. All the icons that it hits, will become totally wild. The shield maiden will do something similar. When she lands on the reels, her beam will go from side to side. All the icons that it hits, will become wild too in her likeness for legendary wins.

And in even more dramatic fashion, if both their beams intersect, the point of the intersection will become totally wild. You will then play 10 free spins with the chance of earning more free spins. There are even more heroic awards that are awaiting you when it comes to Fire And Steel. Besides the brave warriors, there are many high paying icons worth mentioning and discussing. The wilds in addition to other icons, can significantly impact the wins. In fact, the winnings can reach up to 500 times.

The high value icons include the purple shield which can pay up to 150 credits for five of them on the pay line. The glimmering crown is good for 250 credits for of them too on the reels. The yellow shield, is also good for 150 credits for five in its own right. The mid value icons consists of the book, the helmet, the golden chalice and the dagger. They will all pay handsomely when you get the right combinations falls on the reels. The various gems and rubies, make up the rest of the icons.

If you are still in a heroic mood, then by all means try Gladiator. This intense, primal slot game is a gem for a real bet. Although it is not the official game from the hit movie starring Russel Crow, it still carries all the intrigue and drama along with it. The prized gladiator is the centerpiece of the game, totally dominating the game play from start to finish.

The prized gladiators, will each pay you up to 400 credits for five of them on the reels. The war horses are good for 100 credits for an entire row of them as well. The tiger stalks around looking for blood and pray to the tune of 150 credits. The warrior sword and shield will set you up with 250 credits as will the mace and the shield.

You will want to keep an eye out for the lovely princess in the reels, for when she falls on the first slot on the second, third and fourth reels, she will turn into a special double wild, bestowing upon the valiant gladiator rose petals below her. As the petals touch the symbols, they will become totally wild.

When the champion gladiator lands on the third reel, the stage is then set for the gladiator smash bonus round. Here, a marble slab covers the entire third reel with the gladiator smashing it to pieces. For this, all the wins will become instant big wild combinations.

When three or more doors fall, you will begin the click me feature. Here, you will choose a door to receive an instant prize. Prepare for the ultimate battle. In the battle round, you will choose your gladiator to do battle. This fight to the death is all for the marbles. You win with all the blows you strike. If you are successful in defeating your opponent, you will continue to face other opponents to win some more.

Practice Makes Perfect

Take your time and get to know all of these tremendous slot and table games. The games are designed for you to play some practice rounds before you make an actual wager. All of the benefits of the game are made available, but you won't be able to win real money in the process. If you need a slot to get some practice play, then try your hand with Good Girl, Bad Girl. This five reel game settles the timeless feud between good and evil. This takes the shape of cat angel, and a she devil cat. They will both hit the reels with 360 credits for an entire row full of them.

An interesting note about this game, is the notion that you will have to choose a side. You will select either the good girl or the bad girl. Each one comes with its own set of risks and rewards. In certain instances, you can choose both to split the risks and rewards. The trident is the wild symbol in the game for the bad girl. The halo is the wild symbol for the good girl.

For the bonus round, there is a click me feature. Depending on the girl that you chose, it will determine that bonus round. For the good variant, you are presented with four boxes to choose from. There is a small win, a medium win or a big win or a collect. And for the bad girl, there is the bad girl variant boxes. Like the good girl scenario, you can collect a small win, a medium win, a big win, or a collect. Even in practice play, you can get some practice play trying to double up your wins by correctly calling a coin flip. There is also a money wheel bonus, where you get to spin the wheel for your prize.

As you can see, there are many great games for you to get some practice play in. Again, take your time and go at your own pace. When you feel confident about going to the next level, you will find there are many deposit options to help you lay down that real bet and win for real. That is what we will talk about next.

The Heist Of A Lifetime - Heist Slots

The pressure to make the biggest score is on when it comes to Heist, a dynamic five reel slot game which puts you into the heart of the biggest bank caper in modern times. As soon as you make your real bet, you are put into the shoes of Neil, the well dressed, master bank robber. Determined and steadfast, Neil must be extra careful, for the determined detective is hot on your heels, shotgun in hand. In fact, the game play starts off with a key cinematic intro with the bank vault blowing up and exploding in the process.

There are many things to like about this crime caper extraordinaire, especially the bonus rounds which we will talk about in a moment. Neil, makes a strong impact on the reels. In fact, when five of him lands on the pay line, you will get 500 credits on the reels. Five of the determined detective will produce 400 credits as well. The bag of diamonds will reward you with 300 credits for five of them on the pay line as well. The money notes is also good for 250 credits in its own right.

When it comes to the bonus round, they are plenty and rewarding. Three of the glass cutters, will launch you into the glass cutter feature where you select one of them. The one you pick, can lead to instant prizes, free spins, an automatic pass to the next bonus round or a free bonus credit. Watch out for the c4, for when it is in the center of the reel, an entire reel will turn totally wild. It can also remain locked while a random re spin happens.

The drill is the key to putting you into the scatter drill round. Simply put, the number of drills you get to land, will determine the winning multiplier. Three will reward you with 150 credits. Four is good for 300 credits, and five on the reels, is good for 750 credits on the pay line. The best is saved for last when it comes to the bank vault bonus round. When you get three of it on the reels, you will have your chance of breaking into the bank vault while staying one step ahead of the determined law officer.

The Power Of New Slots

With so many games already in tow here at Casino Adrenaline, you are probably wondering, what's the point of trying new games. One reason is the chance of creating new classics with these games. One such new game on the roster involves, Greek mythology. When it comes to the Golden Owl Of Athena, all things Athena, are displayed throughout the game and on the reels. The game play happens in Mount. Olympus.

There are many high value symbols. Athena herself will workout to 50 credits for five of her on the pay line. The temple is good for 20 credits, as is the tree of Athena. The golden owl is the key to playing in the awesome free spins round. Here, you will begin with 8 free spins, if you got three to fall on the reels. Four will result in 12 free spins, and five will pay you 20 free spins. Also in the free spins round, when enough of an icon falls on the reels, it will serve as an expanding wild on top of other things.

If you are into the cops and robbers style of games, then Take The Bank, is a must try. This is an innovative, five reel game which is played in rounds. After you play ten rounds, the robber symbols will become wild bombs for bigger and more illustrious impact. The regular wild symbol in the game, will double winning combinations. When five of them falls on the reels, it will multiple wins five times.

The police cars are instrumental to playing in the free spins round. You will begin with 15 free spins where up to 10 wild symbols can land on the reels. After any win, you can risk some of your winning to try to double up.

Escape into the world of sword and sorcery. Escape into the fantasy world of Avalon The Lost Kingdom. This game is brimming with magic and wonder. In many ways, it is patterned after King Arthur and his Knights. The wild symbol here is indeed special. It will double the other winning combinations when it falls on the pay line. Five of these on the pay line, will lead to 800 credits on the reels. King Arthur makes his presence felt on the reels to the tune of 800 credits. Lady Guinevere, will shine a much needed light with 600 credits, as will the blonde maiden.

The Excalibur sword is your ticket to getting into the free spins round. The number of these that you get to land on the reel, will determine the number of free spins you will play with. Three will start you off with 10 free spins. Four is good for 12 free spins, and five on the reel will result in 15 free spins. When you play in the free spins round, you will get to choose your fateful wild symbol. One of the three main characters will be chosen to become totally wild. You can earn additional free spins along the way. During the Excalibur feature, extra wilds are added to the spinning reels. One more note on the free spins bonus round. The winning multipliers range between 2 times and seven times when you spin the reels.

What do you get when you combine flirting with travel? You get the awesome new game, Journey Flirt. This five reel extravaganza takes you around the world, from the perspective of a loving couple. The man and the woman, are the wild symbols in the game. The taxi sign is the scatter symbol. The many different, small taxis are key symbols in the game.

Every great game in this case, deserves a flirt. And flirt you shall when it comes to the bonus round here. You begin with one free spin. When the boy and the girl land side by side, you are granted a re spin. And when you are ready to go sight seeing in London, you can enjoy the happy couple as an expanded wild. The winning multipliers can come fixed or flexed, depending on the bonus round you are playing in.

Even The Promotions Bring A Rush

As soon as you sign up, you can't help but to feel the rush. There is a welcome package worth a 110% matching promotion that is good for 1 full BTC. And to put the cherry on the top, there is 189 free spins to be used on the slot game of your choice. You will need to deposit at least $20 for the welcome package, and you must wager at least 50 times your bet before you can make a withdrawal. You have 14 days to use this welcome before you lose it.

There is still a full compliment of games to play with. If you are into mythology, why not apply this welcome package to Fire And Lightning, a riveting, five reel game that takes place in the heavens, complete with fires burning. The wild will double your wins when it lands, and when you get an entire row of the fire lighting icons, things get even more interesting, thanks to 1,000 credits coming your way. Three of the bonus symbols, will put you into the free spins round, where you will play with 10 of them.

And if you are full of wild energy, then put the welcome package to use when it comes to Wild Energy. This game is all about electric energy, with a catchy soundtrack to go with it. You will want to keep your eye on the re spin icon, for if it lands on the second and fifth, you will be give a free re spin. If you land a plus one, you will be granted an additional re spin. There are also random wild reels that will live awesome winning combinations. And on the third and fourth reels, the expanding wild will expand on the reels. It can also burst onto other adjacent reels. There are random wilds that can happen at complete random as well.

Regular members are in for a treat when it comes to the 50% reload bonus. This can go up all the way to 5 BTC or a $1,000. This reload bonus is good when Friday's rolls around. Depending on which reward level you are on, will ultimately determine the reload bonus amount you will receive. If you are on the bronze level, you are awarded a modest 25% reload bonus. Members on the silver level, will get a 30% matching bonus. Those on the gold level will get a 35% matching bonus. The platinum level will give you a 40% matching bonus. The diamond level, rewards the top amount of a 50% reload bonus.

It is up to you to choose the game to apply it on. The frolic through the magic forest, awaits you when it comes to Faerie Spells. This is a gorgeous and quaint, five reel game where the magic fairy is in her element in the heart of the magical forest.

The enchanted wooden face is the game's wild symbol. A single one will double your wins when it falls on the reels. All five of it on the reels will pay you 50 credits. The magic toadstool, also pays a pivotal role. Should it land with the fairy queen, it will bestow upon you, special rewards and prizes. The fairy is the ticket to playing in the free spins round. When you get three of her on the reels, you will play with 10 free spins. In fact, the more fairies that lands, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Four is good for 15 free spins, and all five of her, will shell out 25 free spins. When you play in the free spins round, you are given special icons that will only appear there. The red emerald will grace the reels with up to 7.5 credits.

The green emerald will hit the reels with 6 credits. The gold bars is good for three credits for an entire full of them. After any win, you have the opportunity to try to double up your wins by using a little fairy magic, to provide the treasure you seek. There are four jackpots in the game worth mentioning. You have the riches jackpot, plus the wealth jackpot, the luxury and the plenty jackpots. And to top everything off, there are special diamond shatters that will explode all over the reels.

You'll want nothing more for Mondays to come rolling around. On Monday's you can enjoy a 20% cashback, matching bonus. If you've had a rough go with the week prior, you are in luck with this pick me up, matching bonus. The VIP level that you are on, will determine how much of the matching bonus you will get. If you are on the beginner level, you will only get 10% of it. If you are on the gold or platinum level, that will grow to 15%. And if you are on the top level of the super platinum or the diamond level, that will grow to the full amount of 20%. You can apply this to the full compliment of table games and the slot games of your choice.

The Power Of The Tournaments

The choice is totally yours whether or not to play all of these games on your own, or if you want to go for more. Everyday, there is bound to be an exciting tournament going on where you get to test your skills against players from around the world. Be sure to check the schedule to find the game that works for you, and enter in.

Depending on the tournament, you might be able to enter for free, due to the free roll tournaments. Most of the tournament games requires you to buy in. Don't worry, the buy ins tend to be minimum, perhaps even a couple of bucks, but the jackpots can range into the hundreds of dollars, if not higher.

Getting Paid

So you've been gaming long and hard, and you want to cash in on all the adrenaline rush that has been going on at this casino. That's no problem at all. The cashier is always open. All you have to do is head to the cashier. The cashier is always open. You will need to choose your method and the amount you wish to the withdrawal.

Welcome To The VIP Club

When you are here at Casino Adrenaline, you are treated like an absolute king and queen. There are seven unique levels, with each one coming with its own set of perks and benefits. Everybody starts off on the newbie level. Here on this level, you will receive free cashback money, depending on your deposit method. If you use Bitcoin, you will get 12 BCH. Litecoin will reward you with 70. Dodge coin is good for 1,500,000. Cash is also king here too. The maximum you can withdrawal on this level, is $4,000, or 0.5 BTC.

The second reward level is the bronze level. To get here, you will need at least 150 complimentary points. The Bitcoin cashback, increases to 12. Litecoin goes up to 70. Ethereum is good for 25, and Dodge Coin, is still good for 1,500,000. The maximum you can cash out per week, is $4,000 or 0.5 BTC. The third level is the silver level. To get here, you will need at least 1,000 complimentary comp points. The maximum you can cash out per week, is still the same as the other levels. The crypto currency payouts, are the same as the other levels.

To get to the gold level, you will need an outstanding 5,000 complimentary points. The maximum you can cash out per week, swells to $6,000. The cashback for Bitcoin increases to 17. When it comes to Litecoin, that amount will grow to 110. Ethereum is nice, growing to 35. And for Dodge Coin, the cashback grows to 2,500,000. To get to the platinum level, you will need at least 15,000 comp points. The weekly cash outs are that much sweeter in the form of $7,000. The cashback for your deposit options, also sees an increase. To get to the super platinum level, you are required to have at least 30,000 comp points. The weekly cash out grows to $8,000. And to get to the almighty diamond level, you will need at least 100,000 comp points to get here.

Getting Your Adrenaline Rush The Mobile Way

By no means are you bound to your personal computer to experience the ultimate rush when it comes to Casino Adrenaline. This state of the art, online casino, comes fully equipped to perform without a hitch on all the major mobile devices and platforms. It will even work on the laptops as well. There is no need to create a new account. Simply login on your mobile platform and carry on where you left off.

You can expect all the top notch and excellent slot games to follow suit on the mobile platform. If you are looking to get into the rhythm of things, then right in the palm of your hand, you can enjoy the interactive, visual wonder, At The Copa. This promising five reel game that centers on the captivating and lovely Carolina. She loves nothing more than to dance the night away, and it so happens that she has two handsome and talented men, who are dancing for her affections. All throughout the game, on your mobile device, you will get to see Carolina hanging out on the reels, busting a move while she is at it.

The lovely Carolina will make your mobile device happy to the tune of 500 credits on the pay line. The handsome men are good for 300 credits too for a full row of them. Three of the dancing shoes, will up the ante in the free spins round. In the palm of your hand, you are tasked to keep up with the dancing partner you have chosen. As long as the dancing is happening, the free spins will go on. The dancing continues in the bonus round, where once more you are tasked in choosing your dancing partner, who will dance their heart out, which means even bigger and better wins for you. There are three progressive jackpots that will hit when they reach a certain amount. The first one is the suave jackpot. The second one is the mediano jackpot, and the third one is the caliente jackpot.

When you are playing on your mobile phone, you also have access to all the great promotions going on on the regular website. The same can be said for the awesome banking options at your disposal. You can even get in touch with the awesome customer support staff.

Get The App

For even faster access and service to the awesome slate of games here at Casino Adrenaline, by all means download and install the official app to this casino. The app cross platforms on all the major devices. Once you have it installed, all you have to do is press play and go and you are off to the races. The app saves you resources too.

All Must Register

There are no if and buts about it, everyone has to register here at Casino Adrenaline Casino. Registration is key to proving that you are of legal age to gamble here. There is a strong effort to prevent underage individuals from gambling here. The second key reason to register, is to have a working an account to receive your well deserved winnings. As you can see, there are many reasons to register, all of which means good things for you.

All In An Instant

The magic of many of these gaming engines, run on the flash engine. Some run on modern day, HTML5 technology, which is much more user friendly on today's modern browsers. You can play any of these games right in your web browser, so you will always be up to date. In an instant, you could become the next big winner with your name displayed for all those to see, all throughout the online casino.

There are instant banking options to put money in and to receive your well deserved money as well. As you can see, Casino Adrenaline is serious about putting everything that they have to instant use. The same can be said when it comes to taking advantage of the promotions. Boom boom goes the next big winner, which could be you, when you take instant advantage of the promotions. There are bonus codes, or promotions that will be automatically applied to your account when you interface with the cashier.

Also in an instant grasp is to find the help that you need. There are many avenues for you to get the help you need, all in an instant. We will talking more about that in a moment in this article. As you can see, Casino Adrenaline is full of instant goodness and prizes.

Becoming An Affiliate

Casino Adrenaline has a way of drawing you into its mist. If you find that you simply can't get enough of this one of a kind, online casino, then why not become an affiliate here. It is very easy to become an affiliate. The first step is to find the affiliate section link, and head over there. You will need to register to become an official affiliate. You can easily do this online, in a matter of minutes. In fact, the company that manages the affiliates is Xmark. Being an affiliate requires you to help drum up business here. When you do this, you will receive a commission for your efforts.

The other brand of casinos in their affiliate program, includes Casino Extreme and Brango Casino. For any information you need for being an affiliate, you can easily find that online in their help section. You can also get in touch with the customer support staff for affiliates as well.

Is There A Bookie?

While there are many great games on the roster, at this time, there is no bookie. All bets will have to be placed manually by the user.

Speaking Of Sports…

While Casino Adrenaline offers many ways for you to get an adrenaline rush, at this time, there is no sports book nor a race book available here.

Getting The Help You Richly Deserve

Winning and enjoying yourself are the only things that the staff here at Casino Adrenaline wants its members to focus on. For quick answers for quick questions, feel free to turn to the pages of the frequently asked questions page. It is rich with key information to get you back onto the straight and arrow.

If you need further information when it comes to the bonus terms and requirements, there is a special section just for that, that breaks down all the wagering requirements and then some in that regard. There is even a privacy policy page that chronicles the information that they collect and how it is used.

Is There A Live Dealer

While there are many tremendous table games on the menu, there is no live dealer at this moment. Feel free to knock yourself out with all the great games.

The Stage Is Set To Get Into The Game

If you want to get into the game, you will need to first make a deposit. Fortunately for you, there are many ways for you to do just that. While many online casinos offer major credits to get into the game, Casino Adrenaline has decided to buck tradition, and instead use many of the top crypto currencies to get in. We will talk about these crypto currencies in detail in a moment. Outside of the digital currency, they offer the usage of Neteller and Skrill, two of the top e wallets on the market. They will process your transactions instantly. To use them, you will first need to setup an account with them, which means you will need a valid email address for this. The minimum deposits for these services, is ten bucks. Other options include paysafecard and ecopayz. Like Neteller and Skrill, you will need to setup an account with those services as well.

Time To Get Your Money

Again, when you are ready to receive your well deserved money, all you have to do is head to the cashier. The cashier, once more, is always open. There are many options for you to get your money. You can once again call on the e wallets, Neteller and Skrill to get your money. The same can be said for Ecopayz. And of course, all the major crypto currencies are waiting for you to select them to get your money. Before making a withdrawal, you will need to adhere to any bonus terms and other stipulations if they apply.

The Awesome Power Of Crypto Currency

As we stated earlier, there are many of the top crypto currencies at your beck and call to make a deposit. The top one, is Bitcoin. If you are not familiar, Bitcoin is a burgeoning crypto currency. It is even traded on wall street. It is a purely digital currency, so it frees you up from having to use any banks for it. Bitcoin works on its own proprietary, block chain technology. You will need a Bitcoin wallet to interact with it. There are many of them out on the market, so you will need to do some research to find the one that works for you. Once you have made your selection, the next step is to install it on the device you prefer, and then convert some funds into Bitcoin.

Litecoin runs a close second to Bitcoin. It is a crypto currency that works on its own brand of block chain technology. You will need to do a bit of research to find the compatible wallet that you like the best. The same can be said for Ethereum, and Dodgecoin.

Help Is But A Click Away

Of course, you already know that there are many help sections at your disposal, but if you need more personal information, that won't be a problem at all. You can reach out to the customer support staff when you are in need. They can be reached through live chat. They can also be reached through email too, along with toll free phone and fax.